The Happy Accident

The Happy Accident

The Happy Accident


Spider liked her independence and was very happy scuttling around in the moss and climbing tall trees. One day she began to lose her grip and tumbled into a deep, dark place. As she struggled alone to get back on to her feet she discovered, with the help of a Rabbit, that she had a rare talent for breakdancing. Word spread quickly as Bee buzzed around and organised a dance class with quite astonishing results!

This quirky story written in verse is inspired by those unforeseen events (that happen to everybody) that often turn into very happy accidents. It celebrates the joy of spontaneity and how we enjoy ourselves the most when we least expect it.

This story was created as part of a creative learning project with Green Meadow Primary School. Like the story itself the story making workshop was spontaneous, unpredictable and great fun! The children used the story as inspiration for a sculptural installation (of a breakdancing spider!) that will inspire spontaneous and unpredictable outdoor learning.

Our books are produced and published as part of creative learning projects with young children. They are available as free downloads and also as printed paperbacks making them great Teacher resources for your Primary School. Creating a book is a great cross curricular enrichment opportunity and often the idea becomes a platform for bigger schemes of work.


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