Terry's First Day

Terry's First Day

Terry's First Day


One day a small dinosaur called Terry set off on his way to Broomwood Primary for his first day at school but he is unsure of which way to go.  Fortunately he meets Rex who can show him the way. On his journey he meets lots of dinosaurs also on their way to school. All of a sudden an earthquake presents the group of friends with a problem. Will they make it to school on time?

This delightful story introduces dinosaurs to young children and shows us that things aren’t always as they seem and that great things can come from small packages.

Our books are produced and published as part of creative learning projects with young children. They are available as free downloads and also as printed paperbacks making them great Teacher resources for your Primary School. Creating a book is a great cross curricular enrichment opportunity and often the idea becomes a platform for bigger schemes of work.



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