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KEMP hospice

KEMP hospice


An award winning state of the art sustainable, inclusive design and build project providing a diverse range of spatial environments for therapeutic, spiritual and recreational purposes was completed on time and on budget at Kemp Hospice in Worcestershire was officially opened in June 2015 by the Duke of Kent

We worked very closely with patients and staff throughout the six month process ensuring stakeholder involvement and ownership remained of paramount importance and we were delighted and honoured to make so many friends amongst the staff and patients. We are delighted to announce this project won the LABC Design and Build Excellence award for the most inclusive building of the year and was a finalist for the Best Commercial Building.

eco lodge

eco lodge


Our Eco Lodge project was completed on schedule with the opening event organised by children who planned a lovely creative ceremony attended by parents and the wider community.  The building provides a fantastic space for outdoor learning and will be used as a centre for Forest Schools, family learning and as a multi-purpose space for the wider school community. The mix of 21st century design technology and rustic natural logs retrieved from local the forest floor combined beautifully and functionally.

Universal Learning have exceeded all of our expectations and we’re absolutely delighted with our beautiful new building, we were also particularly impressed with the way they involved children, staff and parents in every step of the process.

John Demmerling, Headteacher