Hercules the Hippo

Hercules the Hippo

Hercules the Hippo

Hercules The Hippo Children's book by Paul Hawkins

One day the peaceful and happy life of Hercules the Hippo changes forever. Mysterious men kidnap his Mother and take her to a faraway land. Will he ever see her again?

Hercules is guided by his friend the Crow on an epic journey across the desert, mountains and the sea but sadly he arrives too late. With the help of new friends, Hercules is able to heal his broken heart and find happiness again.

Our books are produced and published as part of creative learning projects with young children. They are available as free downloads and also as printed paperbacks making them great Teacher resources for your Primary School. Creating a book is a great cross curricular enrichment opportunity and often the idea becomes a platform for bigger schemes of work.

Hercules the Hippo children's school book by Universal Learning

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