safe smart learning

safe smart learning

safe smart learning

The traditional idea of an ICT suite with rows of desks and clunky PC’s is outdated and after consulting with the learning community at Hurst Hill Primary School, a more contemporary and approach to digital creative  learning has unleashed the exciting potential of smart technology within a learning context. We did creative design sessions with children and staff and shaped their ideas into a deliverable design solution.

Static technology can be limiting and using smart devices provides a much more flexible approach that accommodates a wider range of learning styles. By working with the learning community and  creating a safe learning space that responds to the needs of both the teachers and learners, we helped empower people as they endeavour to reach their fullest potential.

The new learning space was created in one week ( during a half term closure) with an immediate impact upon standards as the space encourages creativity, promotes teamwork and enables the children to share and disseminate their work efficiently . Removing the sluggish computers, bulky monitors and formal seating that amounted to an inhibitive learning environment and refreshing the space with a 21st century environment designed with the key stakeholders has been a transformative process.


The walls were transformed from a shade of pink to soft white which made the room feel larger and provides a great opportunity for displaying work, the prison like window grills were removed along with purple blinds in place of new white shutter blinds that blend into the walls. Round tables replaced large desks to encourage sharing and teamwork whilst the seating injected a splash of colour to help brighten up what was a grey space. The flexible tables can easily be moved to utilise floor space and the wall of beanbags brings comfort to those who enjoy working at a lower level. The lighting was changed, storage space was created and the iPads are stored inside a charging station based in the store cupboard freeing up valuable room space.


With wifi in school these changes allow a learner to pick up an iPad, find a seat and be using the internet or Apps within seconds of starting the lesson giving the teacher more time to focus on teaching. With a whiteboard on the wall it is easy to connect an iPad to share work, demonstrate an idea or set a task.

If your school or academy has an tired ICT Suite, don’t be embarrassed about it, see it as an opportunity and we would be delighted to help. We can consult with you and your learning community and help them create a vision for a new inspiring learning space, and then turn that vision into a reality.

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