The Birthday Wish

The Birthday Wish

The Birthday Wish


Owl didn’t know how to make friends and swooping down to the Woodland floor was creating the wrong impression. Owl seemed destined to spend a very special day alone.

Fortunately for Owl, Spider was a very good listener. Spider had been watching Owl and decided to spring into action to help. Displaying Superhero powers Spider planned a surprise that helped Owl’s Birthday Wish come true!

A delightful story that will help young children think about how they can communicate when they would like to make and retain friends. The beautifully drawn characters inspire creative discussion and activities for children in Foundation Stage and KS1.

Our books are produced and published as part of creative learning projects with young children. They are available as free downloads and also as printed paperbacks making them great Teacher resources for your Primary School. Creating a book is a great cross curricular enrichment opportunity and often the idea becomes a platform for bigger schemes of work.


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