stanley road peace picnic

stanley road peace picnic

stanley road peace picnic

Children in primary and secondary schools have to study War as part of their curriculum. Why not include Peace too? We would not want to replace the context of war on the curriculum but see a real opportunity to introduce a different perspective centred on the alternative to war -peace. This approach helps children relate the historical context to their own lives in the 21st Century. Thinking about conflict resolution and  developing the skills they need to resolve conflict based on mutual trust, respect and understanding are useful additions to this curriculum topic.

Peace Picnics were established in the UK by Universal Learning and they give children and their communities the opportunity to celebrate and think about peace with wonderful creativity and delicious food! We provide inclusive stimulus for a half term topic or one day workshop ( and everything in between) to facilitate a ‘peace picnic’, an important life event that nourishes hearts, minds and souls.

Peace Picnics come in all shapes and sizes and we are featuring this recent project to illustrate how it can be done. Stanley Road Primary School, a wonderfully creative and inclusive outstanding school in Worcester invited their local community to celebrate peace and enjoy their creativity and delicious food.

Leading up to the event, children thought about peace and expressed their ideas with artistic installations and performances. The glorious sunshine provided a perfect landscape for community to come together and celebrate peace and diversity.

Watch this short film to get a flavour of what peace picnics are all about,  you may be so inspired you will want to do your own peace picnic.


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