Inspired by iPads

Inspired by iPads

Inspired by iPads


We are all familiar with the iPad, but more recently it’s increasing presence in the classroom has opened doors for Teachers and Learners to utilise it’s incredible potential to inspire learning. The rise of iPad collections in educational environments allows for a ‘hands on’ approach and less reliance on the need for the, “eye’s forward looking at the projector” mentality. Education is changing.

Embracing and immersing themselves in the device empowers the learner to control and lead their learning, initiating questions and intrigue that they can find answers to with the tap and swipe of a finger. What’s more, the process feels very natural and fun. These Personal Learning Studios can become a research hub, art canvas, music studio, science lab, video editing suite, library, video communication tool and much, much more. The App Store offers a wealth of affordable, and often free, resources that can be used to initiate and engage all ages and abilities.

iPads in Education

With learning spaces in School at somewhat of a premium why not free up the ICT Suite? You know, that dark, artificially lit lifeless room full of computers gasping for air that more often than not take half the lesson to switch on. Instead, appreciate the value of an ‘anywhere anytime’ learning tool with the battery life to match. Take your projects and learning out in to the school grounds, after all the iPad will accompany you anywhere and encourage creative responses, the likes you never thought learners were capable of. The era in which schools separate technology from everyday teaching and learning will inevitably be a thing of the past.


In summary, the iPads features, it’s camera, apps and ease of use make it a device that every school should strongly consider investing in. You could argue that like Computers in the classroom 10 years ago, which were oversold and underused the same could happen with iPad purchasing. It’s this fact that highlights the importance of teachers who understand how to use an iPad to help children learn and to develop a mindset devoted to giving the learner time to create and reflect.


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